Linvision’s partnerships with third-party application providers guarantees our clients a reliable and above all fast cluster solution that accelerates in scalability, energy efficiency, price/performance ratio and manageability.



Clustering "off the shelve" servers is commonly used for many years by universities and research departments to build powerful supercomputers. The concept is simple and proven. It is a cost effective way to provide high performance computing for a wide variety of applications in different fields of engineering and science.



Possible workloads include CFD & FEM modeling, Bioinformatics, Geo data analysis, Business intelligence, Financial analysis and Digital media & visualization.


Our HPC solutions

Our product portfolio ranges from Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors to Intel Itanium or IBM Cell processers. Operating system support includes Red Hat enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise and Microsoft 2003/2008 cluster environments.


Complemented by a complete storage portfolio and leading fibre and Infiniband technologies we can design and integrate a wide range of technologies involved in developing a cluster or HPC including:
-    Compute node specifications
-    Data traffic and storage management
-    Power management, sequencing and backup
-    Operating systems, application loading tools, software image management, health monitoring, and performance analysis and tuning
-    Ergonomics, serviceability and shipping
-    Acoustic, vibration, power and thermal characterization