Does your organisation has the need for flexible, scalable High Performance Computing facilities? Because your HPC cluster has insufficient capacity to meet the workload? Or do you have a real business need for a powerful compute cluster, but you are unable to generate or justify the necessary investment?

The benefits of cloud computing are well-known by know —efficiency, flexibility, high utilization—but have been difficult to achieve in technical and high-performance computing (HPC) environments. Linvisions solutions for private, hybrid and public cloud are designed to deliver high-performance resources that support your requirement. The secured HPC environment is located at our in-house data center facility and offers the benefits of physic cores instead of virtual cores of the compute nodes. A Infiniband interconnect is available as high-speed network to ensure maximum HPC performance.

Next to our in-house HPC on Demand facility we have two partnerships for our HPC on Demand offering.



We have a unique cooperation with the Dutch National SuperComputer at SURFsara in Amsterdam for extremely demanding HPC needs and pre-competitive research and development projects. The Dutch National Supercomputer is a HPC facility with 40.960 cores (Haswell/Ivy & Sandy Bridge) +132 GPU's, with a total peak performance of 1.559 Pflop/s.
IBM Spectrum Computing logo

And we recently started a partnership with IBM Spectrum Computing - HPC Cloud. Thanks to their global presence we can offer local and global customers the possibility to work in a HPC Cloud environment and still take the IP country restrictions in account. And due to the use of IBM Spectrum LSF and IBM Spectrum Scale we can encrypt the date you transfer to the HPC Cloud. With that we can take one of the biggest concerns of "going in the cloud" away.


For users not familiar with running jobs on a HPC cluster, our team of HPC experts, with years of experience in cluster management, Linux, high-speed storage and numerous applications, is available to help you to achieve significant business benefits from HPC on Demand.


Do you want to know more about HPC on demand? Just let us know and together we can investigate which solution is the best fit for your needs.