Considering the amount of your IT investments, finance possibilities can be an important part of your success. Linvision is your partner in matching your needs with the finance possibilities of IBM Global Finance.


On a smarter planet, the opportunities that can emerge from intelligent and interconnected systems are unlimited. Unfortunately, your budget is not. The challenge for many organisations is how to invest in smarter systems when the majority of the budget is going towards maintaining current systems.

Building a robust and flexible IT infrastructure often involves systemic transformation that can happen all at once or in phases, and typically requires a new generation of hardware, software, and services. An equally robust financing and asset management strategy can provide you the opportunity to leverage new technologies, and turn your ambitious vision into a tangible solution.

IBM Global Financing can help credit qualified clients develop a comprehensive investment strategy, allowing them to seize new opportunities and accelerate transformation solutions. Linvision is your partner to assamble the best financing- or leasepackage from IBM Global Finance. For financing your businessmodel as well as for specific solutions, IBM or non-IBM.

The most important benefit of leasing is that you have the availability to use the newest technologies with your capital still in place.


Why should you envolve IBM Global Finance and Linvision in your finance opportunities?

- competing rates

- quick and efficient processing

- possibility of creative solutions

- access to special promotions


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