During the past 14 years Linvision has helped many clients boost their computing power with tailored HPC solutions. With our experience we cover the needs of the R&D Manager, the IT Manager as well as the engineers working with the HPC systems.


Linvision HPC is specialized in the following markets and applications:
-    Engineering & Manufacturing
-    Life Sciences
-    Water management
-    R & D
-    Media


An effective HPC solution is built on a combination of hardware, software and your organization. We have extensive experience in various market segments and deep knowledge of the specific applications that require HPC solutions. This enables us to configure the optimal HPC environment for your specific needs.


Usually our customers have a very good understanding of the model or program they work with, and if they want we can even support them to optimize the code.


At Linvision we are not satisfied before we configure and implement an HPC solution that best fits your needs. Whatever the objective of your organization is - for example innovation or acceleration - we can support you with our expertise. We can also help you find the optimum balance between Return on Investment, Time to Market and Total Acquisition Cost vs Total Cost of Ownership.