Compared with mainstream IT, High Performance Computing places very different demands on your storage systems.


HPC applications such as computational analysis, research, rich media, 3D modeling and large scale simulations are driven by CPU-intensive processing. Typically they will also handle large volumes of data, which has a direct impact on your storage environment.

In most cases, the I/O (input/output) capabilities of storage systems are far less than those of CPUs, making storage a potential bottleneck for your overall system performance.


HPC storage requirements

An HPC storage system needs to offer large capacity at high speed and must be expandable to keep up with the desired performance. HPC storage systems often offer advanced features such as:
-    The ability to scale out in a clustered architecture
-    The use of object storage technology rather than a traditional tree hierarchy
-    And support for the use of parallel file systems which allows for faster access to large files


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