When you need to run more iterations, simulations, analysis and get business results sooner. When you have either big data and/or compute-intensive problems to solve.

You need to maximize the potential of your computing power and the supporting infrastructure to accelerate your applications at scale, extract insight from your data, and make better decisions faster. You need high-performance, low-latency systems management solutions and services to pool your technical computing resources, manage them efficiently across multiple groups and get the most out of your IT investment.


Because we always seek for ways to unburden our customers we work with two great partners who both are very keen on walking ahead on the market and deliver the best solution possible for the customers.


IBM Spectrum Computing logo

IBM Spectrum Computing offers a package of HPC Tools:

- IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation - Cluster manager

- IBM Spectrum Conductor - Application and Data-optimized Platform

- IBM Spectrum LSF - Workload manager / Scheduler

- IBM Spectrum MPI - Accelerator for compute intensive applications

- IBM Spectrum Symphony - Workload and resource management software


A quick introduction to the IBM Spectrum Computing tools:


And our latest partner for HPC Software is Bright Computing

Bright Computing logo


Bright Computing provides comprehensive software solutions for deploying and managing HPC clusters, big data clusters, and OpenStack in the data center and in the cloud. The past years Bright Computing has grown exponentially globally so we are very excited to set up this partnership with them. Just like Linvision, Bright is constantly looking for the best way to support their customers in working with HPC and Big Data. That means that together we can help our customer to focus on their core business while we manage their HPC clusters.


More information on the latest version of Bright Computing Cluster Manager - Advanced Edition:



Do you want more information about HPC tools? Please contact us and we can set up a demonstration.