Give your employees and applications the power they need with High Performance Computing (HPC) servers. These servers have special features built in, such as accelerated and efficient data processing.


Rackmount HPC servers

Rackmount servers are designed to accommodate a wide range of purposes. Whether you need a single stand-alone dedicated server or multiple server nodes as part of a cluster, a storage demanding solution or a more processing power oriented solution, we offer a large selection of rackmount servers which are ready to be mounted in an industrial standard 19" rack.


Blade HPC servers

In business today, enterprise agility is key to staying ahead of the competition and providing your clients with the services and products they need. Blade computing introduces a new data center paradigm where many ultra-thin compute blades share centralized resources in a single chassis.


Hyperscale systems

Hyperscale Systems address the increasing data and computing challenges of the data center by delivering dense performance across a variety of functions—from compute, I/O, storage, and GPU acceleration—in more cost- and energy-efficient ways than ever before, for cloud, HPC, simulation and 3D applications. This class of systems is available with a choice of air-cooled
or water-cooled offerings.



Our HPC server brands


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