Not only do we have a broad knowledge in the High Performance Computing field, we established to grow a great know how for multiple branch specific questions in the Research and Development area.


Linvision stays informed over the latest technologies, newest trends and developments within the Linux community due to our own interest but also due to our good contacts with global manufacturers. And as a knowledge partner befits, we of course pass this information through to our customers to keep them informed about the optimization possibilities for their calculation questions.



Fluid dynamics, crash simulation, seismic processing, image comparison and complex price modeling are challenging problems that place extraordinary demands on your IT. IBM offers a range of solutions for these challenges. Explore these solutions to see how IBM can help improve your critical technical and business decisions so you can drive innovation with breakthrough results.



Lenovo has a solid foundation in High Performance Computing. We have been engaged in many HPC computing cluster implementations. These systems are mainly built with Intel processors and complimented with GPU accelerators from Intel and NVIDIA. Lenovo is also involved in the development of ARM based HPC Compute capabilities. We have  experience with multiple chip architectures, high-speed interconnects, disk subsystems and networks. Lenovo has also been accepted as a full member of the European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC) – an industry-led forum that leverages the transformative power of HPC to boost European competiveness in science, business and industry. In Stuttgart Lenovo has a High Performance Computing (HPC) innovation center, offering a permanent R&D and application benchmarking site as well as a new ecosystem of partners that will collaborate on projects to bring the commercial benefits of HPC to a broader spectrum of clients and workloads.



Powering a range of server needs, Intel® server processors offer scalable performance and advanced reliability for every data center environment. From mission-critical to flexible and efficient, compare performance benchmarks from each product family workload.


Bright Computing

Bright Computing provides comprehensive software solutions for deploying and managing HPC clusters, big data clusters, and OpenStack in the data center and in the cloud. The past years Bright Computing has grown exponentially globally so we are very excited to set up this partnership with them. Just like Linvision, Bright is constantly looking for the best way to support their customers in working with HPC and Big Data. That means that together we can help our customer to focus on their core business while we manage their HPC clusters.



BeeGFS (formerly FhGFS) is the leading parallel cluster filesystem, developed with a strong focus on

performance and designed for very easy installation and management. If I/O intensive workloads are your problem, BeeGFS is the solution.

BeeGFS transparently spreads user data across multiple servers. By increasing the number of servers and disks in the system, you can simply scale performance and capacity of the file system to the level that you need, seamlessly from small clusters up to enterprise-class systems with thousands of nodes.